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Deborah Quynn
Whitefish, MT

Self- taught artist Deborah Quynn’s  paintings inspired by life on her small farm.  Quynn’s love for the animals is evident in her fun painting series that is meant to inspire joy and appreciation for life. Her small farm is the perfect venue to study the animal’s behavior and movement to learn the character of them, to get to know them well before capturing the animal’s essence and personality on her canvas.  


“When I look at my animal paintings, I see my love for that animal in every brush stroke especially the ones soaked in light or received a touch of real gold. In my bison painting, I see a gentle character that knows who it is!  My beloved mule and donkey paintings remind me of these beautiful, hard working groups with big personalities loaded with cuteness. If they get upset, we all know no one can make them move not even an inch as the saying goes STUBBORN AS AN ASS. We all heard stories of brave mules fighting coyotes or wolves, saving their humans' lives, or traveling long distances with great endurance. I think it is that resistance that makes them who they are.” Says Quynn when reviewing her paintings. She believes God made animals for us to enjoy and encourage us to appreciate life. “We witness their route of life, from birth to death.” Quynn shares with us and has titled the exhibit with these thoughts in mind.

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